Tyla Reaches 10 Million Listeners On Spotify - She Becomes First South African To Do So

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Tyla Reaches 10 Million Listeners On Spotify - She Becomes First South African To Do So

Tyla Reaches 10 Million Listeners On Spotify – She Becomes First South African To Do So

Tyla is a banger! The South African has now become a sensation in the world of amapiano and afrobeat. The singer dropped a new song in July, and little did she know that such a song would be her rise to fame. With her new song, “Water”, Tyla became the first South African to have her song listened to by 10 million people on Spotify. It’s a milestone the singer will never forget in a hurry.

Tyla’s “Water” is a mix of both afrobeat and amapiana. Hence, she calls the genre of music “popapiano.” The song has made waves on the internet, to the extent that over 570,000+ viewers have used Tyla’s song as a tiktok dance video. It was a new music video that Tyla released for her song.

Fans are stuck with the amazing beats the song has, and it gets more popular each day that passes. only going to get bigger and better as time goes on.

Tyla’s “Water” is just the tip of the iceberg. The song, which she calls “Popapiano,” is her method of showing the whole world her own unique style of music. There’s no doubt that the 21-year-old may be young, but there’s no stopping her shine now as she continues to make waves in the music industry.

How did Tyla Reach 10 Million Listeners

Tyla’s music, “Water,” was, fortunately for her, the song people listened to the most on Spotify. Hence, it secured a mind-blowing number of 10 million listeners just before “Unavailable,”, another hit song.

In fact, as the singer released her, it didn’t take up to four (4) million. This milestone has made the South African songwriter one of the top ten afrobeat singers, not only in South Africa but also in Africa as a whole.

Photo Credit: Marie Claire Nigeria

While Davido’s “Unavailable” received 84 million streams, Tyla’s “Water” received 124 million streams. According to Charts Africa, Tyla’s “Water” is currently number two on the US Billboard Afrobeat singles chart, and it’s also number 67 on Billboard’s prestigious list.

And the good news doesn’t stop there—”Water”  just made it to the top 40 on Spotify’s global chart! Her official music video, which dropped two months ago, has already gotten 11 million views, and her channel has skyrocketed to 277,000 subscribers.

It’s worth noting that Tyla is signed to the Epic Records music label, which has its studio based in both Johannesburg and New York.

What’s Next after Tyla’s Hit Song

With her hit song, “Water”, Tyla has achieved a remarkable feat that most singers would only have dreamed of. The song is a significant milestone in her career, as it has successfully given her global attention from popular figures in the music industry.

For instance, supermodel Naomi Campbell congratulated Tyla for achieving the milestone. Also, Grammy-winning artists Khalid and Ty Dolla Sign were thrilled with the youngsters amazing banger. It’s pretty obvious they’ll want a collaboration with her somewhere in the future.

Photo Credit: Supers

In fact, it was just recently that American comedian Shiggy (widely known for creating Drake’s viral hit “In My Feelings” challenge) joined fans in congratulating Tyla. To show his vibe with the “popapiano” song, he posted the song on his Instagram handle. Shiggy’s Instagram post tells us how he played the song while dancing and creating his own music video.

Where’s Tyla’s “Water” Leave her Music Label

After Tyla’s hit song gained mainstream recognition, it’s now certain that she won’t be the only one to benefit from such a “blessing”. We shouldn’t rule out the fact that the singer is under a music label and has therefore made the label popular. The music label, which once collaborated with the likes of Fifth Harmony, Future, and French Montana, will go further into forming collaborations with other European artists.

However, we should note that “Water” is just one of many captivating tunes in Tyla’s music catalog. With such impressive accomplishments already under her name, she is undoubtedly poised for even greater heights in the music industry. Her success serves as a source of pride not only for South Africans but also for Africans at large.

 Indeed, Tyla, who’s widely regarded as South Africa’s pop princess, has made a lasting mark on the world stage through her undeniable talent and hard work. As further testament to her talent, Tyla has been nominated for Best New Artist.

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