ALBUM: UMjik’jeli – Umona Zip Download Fakaza

ALBUM: UMjik’jeli – Umona

ALBUM: UMjik’jeli – Umona

Earlier today, South african talented singer UMjik’jeli  dropped off his new song, titled “Umona” which the artist decided to take over the streets with the brand new song a banger so to say.

UMjik’jeli  has been bubbling up in the South african releasing more hit song and follow-up with these new song that is on board. He like to stay high making point in music.

South african Amapiano song a style of house music that is distinctly South African, is taking the streets by storm.

Amapiano a house music that emerged in South Africa in the mid 2010s. It is a hybrid of deep house, jazz and lounge music characterized by synths and wide percussive basslines.

The appeal of Amapiano is rooted in dance and rhythm and platforms such as TikToK have helped export the movement to millions all over the world something Amapiano stars such as Kamo mphela have been quick to pick up on. I will always see dance as a global language because everybody can relate to that kamo said.

Amapiano is currently one of the most talked about and consumed genres in the industry and recent data released by spotify indicates that streams of the Amapiano grooves playlist have increased by 210% globally over the past year and the genre has seen an increase of 170% over the same period.

Amapiano is a blend of various genres, including Kwaito, traditional percussion, local South African house music that ruled the airways of the nineties, and jazz-inflicted piano/synth lines. According to Legendary producer and Kwaito pioneer Oskido, Kwaito music links to the foundation of Amapiano and Gospel Amapiano is a music genre that blends South African Amapiano with gospel music.

Much like gqom that came before it, amapiano is a South African style of music born from kwaito, which itself has its roots in Afro-pop and the traditional Zulu musical heritage. Amapiano emerged from the townships of South Africa, particularly Pretoria, a small city just outside Johannesburg.

While its popularity is unquestioned, the birth of Amapiano which means “the pianos” in South Africa’s Zulu language is often the subject of debate.

And we are also glad to bring to you the latest afro house , amapianogqom, mix and deep house song to your door step and we will be delighted if you share these new song.
By watching this video, you’ll have the chance to discover more about the South African music scene, and discover the diverse talents.

Click here for another hit amapiano song.

Take a listen below and enjoy.

playlist below

1. UMjik’jeli – Izinyembezi MP3 Download

2. UMjik’jeli – Umona MP3 Download

3. UMjik’jeli – Iniphu MP3 Download

4. UMjik’jeli ft Mjolisi – Ukuba Selfish MP3 Download

5. UMjik’jeli – Kuyoshimizi MP3 Download

6. UMjik’jeli – Ngangingazi MP3 Download

7. UMjik’jeli – Sicela Uxolo MP3 Download

8. UMjik’jeli – Akutatazelwa MP3 Download

9. UMjik’jeli – Ukuthi Niphethe MP3 Download

10. UMjik’jeli ft Malebuli – Ngifuna Wena MP3 Download

11. UMjik’jeli – Kanti Icalalini MP3 Download

12. UMjik’jeli ft Qhakaza – Sihlala Sikhala MP3 Download

13. UMjik’jeli – Awomtshela MP3 Download

14. UMjik’jeli – Ngemali MP3 Download

15. UMjik’jeli – Udume Ngakini MP3 Download

ALBUM: UMjik’jeli – Umona Zip Download Fakaza

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